When a woman is pregnant, several hormonal changes affect her body. This increases the risk of developing periodontal diseases. If a woman already has the disease, bodily destruction may speed up. The result is Spirochetes bacterium can increase throughout the body as levels of periodontal disease increase. This can cause significant pre-natal and post-natal problems such as:

• Prostaglandin – There is medical evidence that the effects of periodontal disease can increase levels of prostaglandin, which is a labor-inducing compound. Having high levels can induce premature labor. If born too early, severe medical conditions occur in the newborn baby.

• C – reactive protein (CRP) – Periodontal disease can cause the liver to produce elevated levels of CRP. The result is high blood pressure in the mother, as well as premature birth. In addition, CRP can cause blood clotting and inflamed arteries in the mother, which can be severe for the fetus.

• Bacterial Spread –Spirochetes bacterium from periodontal disease spreads through the body. It is a causal factor in several other medical conditions. Diabetes, heart disease and strokes, arthritis, and chronic joint inflammation are a few of those medical conditions. Any time a woman is pregnant, every adverse medical condition always puts the fetus at risk.

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