The problem with having periodontal disease is you may not know you have it. At the beginning stage of development, it is quite likely there won’t be any signs such as red, sore, and swollen gums. That’s a major reason everyone should have an early, preventative checkup with Dr. William S. Neale of Wichita Falls, Texas. He is eminently qualified to diagnose and treat periodontal disease.

Do not delay. We cannot stress this enough. Periodontal disease is nasty stuff. The damage caused by the disease cannot be reversed; it can only be stopped. Getting an early diagnosis is critical to maintaining a healthy mouth and a sparkling smile.

As periodontal disease progresses in your mouth, you may experience some of the following signs:

Bleeding Gums.

Your gums may bleed for no apparent reason when brushing or flossing and sometimes even when you eat.

Pain, swelling and redness. 

You may experience these conditions as a result of an infection building at the lower gum levels. There may not be any apparent reason. Periodontal disease is usually located so deeply in the gums that only a specialized periodontal dentist, such as Dr. William S. Neale of Wichita Falls, Texas, is qualified to conduct a diagnosis and carry out treatment regimes to bring back your sparkling smile.

Once the disease gets to this stage, the infection caused by Spirochetes bacteria, the root cause of periodontal disease, can translocate through the bloodstream to other parts of your body. Some may say, “So what?” Spirochetes bacteria is a causal factor in a number of serious medical conditions. Your chances of having heart disease, diabetes, chronically swollen joints, and other severe conditions increase by not securing a periodontal disease checkup.

Teeth that appear to be growing. 

Your teeth may seem to be getting longer when in reality, your gums are shrinking. Periodontal disease attacks the gums, which recede toward the jawline. Let this continue and the loss of teeth becomes a consequence. So much for your sparkling smile. You didn’t visit Dr. William S. Neale of Wichita Falls, Texas for an examination and treatment to stop periodontal disease in its tracks.

Loosening Teeth 

ultimately fall out. Periodontal disease destroys the ligaments holding the teeth in the jawbone. It destroys the gums and jawbone. This causes the loosening of your teeth and their ultimate loss.

Oozing Pus 

between your teeth. Picture that. Wouldn’t pus oozing out of your gums between your teeth suggest there is something terribly wrong? We hope you never get to this stage. If you do, you need to see Dr. William S. Neale immediately. Contact Dr. Neale, DDS. MS.. Give his office a call at (940) 322-0758.