There are a number of issues that can lead to periodontal disease. We’ve given you a taste of one; poor dental hygiene. Dental hygiene is not just brushing a couple of times per day. It includes regular checkups with your periodontist.

Interesting. A periodontist, such as Dr. William S. Neale, can do what a dentist can do, but a dentist cannot do what a periodontist can do. So as part of your dental hygiene, don’t let periodontal disease get a start in your mouth. Make regular appointments to visit Dr. William S. Neale in Wichita Falls to keep your teeth and gums in perfect shape.

Another cause of periodontal disease can be smoking. This is actually one of the most significant factors contributing to gum disease that leads to periodontal disease. Your best defense, whether you stop smoking or not, is to visit Dr. William S. Neale for a regular checkup.

One cause of periodontal disease is genetic factors. None of us can do anything about our genetics. No matter what we do, about 30% of the population are nearly six times more likely to develop gum disease leading to periodontal disease.

The only defense in these 30% of cases is to visit your local periodontal specialist, Dr. William S. Neale, on a regular basis.

In addition, pregnancymenopausestress, and poor diet may lead to physical damage of the teeth. Some medications may wreak havoc on your gums causing gum disease in your mouth.

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