Do you grind your teeth? If you do, then you have Bruxism. Bruxism is the involuntary action of grinding your teeth, especially during sleep. It’s reminiscent of people who bite their nails. They are entirely unaware of their actions.

What happens with Bruxism?

At least when one bites their nails, the nails grow back. One consequence of Bruxism is that the teeth’ enamel does not come back once it is ground away. Bruxism is of concern because it can:

  • Cause severe damage to the gums
  • Cause weakening of the teeth to the point of fracturing
  • Cause voids between the gums and the teeth allow toxins and bacteria deep down into the gums. This acts as a causal factor in periodontal disease.
  • Cause arthritis in the jawbone joint, creating chronic earaches and headaches.

Bruxism is an unfortunate condition that can significantly impact the mouth and the body. There may not be a cure, but treatments can be implemented to reduce the effects. Your periodontal specialist, Dr. William S. Neale of Wichita Falls, can help you with those treatments.

Contact us if you suffer from Bruxism. We can help.