Welcome to Implant Dentistry and Perio Rehab. We are a thriving privately-owned dental specialist practice in Wichita Falls. Dr. William S. Neale, DDS., MS is our skilled periodontist whom is passionate about your overall systemic health.

Our relationship with our patients is viewed with a deep sense of responsibility. An important part of that responsibility is to help our patients understand and plan for their oral health. We strive to give each patient the best quality dental care in every respect. Before we recommend any type of treatment, we want to listen and understand your desires and your concerns about your dental care. Only then are we able to provide you with the quality care you deserve.

Before your appointment you should receive a welcome package introducing Dr. Neale and his staff.

Please complete the forms we sent prior to your appointment ahead of time. Your packet of information will include a form for patients’ contact information, medical history, dental insurance and HIPAA compliance/ verification. This ensures that we have all necessary information to address your concerns and needs. Additional paperwork may be needed to be completed when you arrive at the office.

Your initial appointment for Dr. Neale to assess your periodontal condition will take 1 hour. The fee is usually $75. Please be prepared to pay this at the appointment time. We will file your insurance electronically the same day to speed your reimbursement.

For your convenience our office offers a variety of payment options:

  1. Cash, personal check
  2. VISA, MasterCard, Discover
  3. CareCredit

Once your appointment begins, we will start with a review or your treatment history and medication list. We will review your history from your family dentist and physicians as indicated. Our staff will listen to your desires and concerns about your dental health and appearance.

We will address acute dental problems to relieve any current discomfort as soon as possible. We will do so by performing a thorough dental/gum (periodontal) examination. It will include pocket depth, gum recession / root exposure, bite analysis, TMJ, X-rays & photographs of all teeth. We will perform a phase contrast microscope evaluation of live oral bacterial biofilm activity found below the gum line.

Finally, Dr. William Neale, DDS., MS. will have a brief discussion of the connection between dental health and your overall systemic health. He will cover topics on dental anatomy, self-care, treatment options, and perhaps more. Also, we will discuss short and long term prognosis and treatment options/ recommendations.